Covid Restrictions

“We’re all very excited to reopen the Bandstand this year and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back. There will still be government restrictions on large events which means we will have some rules in place in order to be able to stay open. We ask that every customer takes the time to read this list and follows the rules for the sake of public safety and to ensure we do not have to close again.


The rules are subject to change to match government guidance so please check this again shortly before each show.

•    If at all possible, please collect tickets for your shows before 6pm on the night of the show, however tickets will be available for collection on the night outside the office. Tickets for the night’s show may be available to purchase. Tickets for future shows will not be available for purchase after 6pm. Please come back during the day, or go online to book. 

•    Bags will still need to be checked before entering the venue. This will take longer under current guidance, please do not bring any bags unless absolutely necessary.

•    All customers must wear a face covering (over their nose and mouth) when entering, leaving or moving around the venue. These can be only removed once you have reached your seat and must be put back on once you leave your seat.

•    Any customers that are exempt from wearing a face covering must wear their proof of exemption on a lanyard in full view whilst queuing to enter the venue, and whilst out of their seat once inside and be prepared to allow members of staff to inspect this at any point.

•    When choosing your seat, please leave a space between your group and the groups either side of you. We have reduced the ticket capacity of the affected shows to create plenty of seating space to make this possible.

•    The dance floor in the main arena is closed. You are welcome to stand up and dance in the space directly in front of your seat but please don’t roam around or mingle with people outside of the group you arrived with.

•    The bar is open, please wear your face covering to go to the bar and queue sensibly leaving space between you and the person in front. We ask that you queue alone or with only 1 other person to take the drinks back to your group to avoid crowding near the bar. 

•    The queue for the bar can only hold so many people! If the queue has reached the marked cut-off point, please go back to your seat and try again later. 

•    If you wish to smoke or vape, you are welcome to do so outside the venue. Please keep well clear of the entrances..

•    If you have any concerns or questions prior to arriving here, please send an email to

All of these measures are in place for the safety of all our staff, performers and all visitors. We understand that the additional restrictions may cause delays or inconvenience but this is the only way we will be able to open and allow everyone to enjoy the evening. The conditions will be strictly adhered to and it is up to you to decide whether you find this acceptable or whether you will wait until later in the year when all restrictions are lifted to join us again.


If everything goes to plan, we will be lifting all restrictions from the 21st of June and returning to our normal operating procedures. Thank you for helping us keep the bandstand safe during the last leg of lockdown.