Covid Updates

13 July 2021

The wait is finally over! Following the most recent announcements by the government, all legal restrictions on social distancing have been lifted.


You’ll be very pleased to hear that the dancefloors are open once more, you are allowed to sit next to anyone in the venue and will not be required to wear a mask.


It is now up to every customer to decide whether they feel safe enough to share the experience with other members of the public at an outdoor venue. However, we must ask that anyone that has tested positive for Covid, is showing covid symptoms or shares a household with someone that is to stay well away from our events in order to keep Eastbourne Bandstand open.


With that being said, all of our visitors are more than welcome to continue to wear face coverings. Hand sanitiser will still be available and the QR code for NHS Test and Trace will still be visible and available for you to check into the venue if you wish.


Some other minor precautions will still be in place to protect some of our younger staff that are not yet fully vaccinated. We are optimistic that the worst is over but we will continue to follow government guidance. We recommend that everyone checks our website and specifically our COVID UPDATE page following any new government announcements and before leaving the house on your way to any of our shows.  

15 June 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday evening, we have to sadly cancel all shows up to and including the 19th of July 2021. This means our first show this season should now be an 1812 Fireworks Concert with the Eastbourne Silver Band on the 21st of July.

Anyone with tickets for an affected show has been emailed, though if you have any friends with tickets for an affected show, please check that they know. We are of course offering everyone the option to have their tickets refunded, to rebook for a show later in the year or donate the value of their tickets towards the upkeep of the bandstand.

We have been working our hardest to get the bandstand open as soon as possible and are just as upset as everyone else. Please remember there are real people reading your emails and answering your phone calls and they are not responsible for the cancellations. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent in their kind words and support. We hope to see you all next month under better circumstances.


15th May 2021

It is with regret and great disappointment that the decision has been taken to postpone our concert programme at the Bandstand until June 21st , the government’s planned date for lifting all lockdown restrictions.


With so much uncertainty about the Indian variant of coronavirus and the impact it could have in the event of it spreading widely across the UK, it was decided that the appropriate and prudent response is to launch the Bandstand concert season from June 21st.


It should also be remembered that while we have carefully planned the seating arrangements for a reduced capacity of 600 people within the Bandstand, the concerts always attract large numbers of people outside the venue who enjoy gathering to listen to the music, many of whom travel from outside the area to attend the event.



1. Donate

2. Refund to credit (can be used for rebooking)

3. Refund to original payment

If we don’t hear from you within seven days, or if the amount you donate is less than the full value of your booking, we will process your remaining refund within 14 days.