Seating at the Eastbourne Bandstand

For our concerts and events, we sell tickets for the main arena first, once this area is full we then start to sell the middle balcony and then up to the upper balcony.

All the seats are unreserved which mean once you enter your seating area you can choose where you would like to sit.

You can only sit in the area you have tickets for, if you would like to move to a different seating area you can do this by exchanging your tickets at the Seafront Office (subject to availability).

Covered Seats: The only area that has some covered seating is the Main Arena, all other seats form part of the outdoor venue.

Eastbourne Bandstand Seating Plan

Seating for Airshow Seats

For the Airshow we offer three seating areas, the Promenade Deck, the Middle Balcony and the Upper Balcony.

Seats in the Promenade Deck and the Upper Balcony are numbered and you will be allocated a seat which is yours for the day (11am to 5:30pm). The middle balcony is unallocated seating and is put on sale on the day only when the Promenade Deck and Upper Balcony are sold out

Airshow Seating Plan at Eastbourne Bandstand