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About The Bandstand

The Busiest Bandstand in the UK offering a variety of live musical entertainment with over 140 events each year; from Tribute Shows to 1812 Firework concerts to kids entertainment.

Bandstand with attached colonnade and viewing decks was built in 1935, with its unique semi-circular design and blue domed roof; there is no other like it in the United Kingdom.

It has a main arena, middle and upper balconies and seats for 1,400.


The building of the Bandstand formed part of the main seafront improvements, cost £28,000 to construct and was surmounted with a stainless steel spire. 

The Building Of Eastbourne Bandstand c1935

Eastbourne Bandstand 1934

Bandstand with attached colonnade and viewing decks. Built to the designs of the Borough Council Engineer, Leslie Rosevere. Neo-Grec style, constructed of cream faience with some decorative blue, green and black faience. PLAN: It is of a symmetrical design with the bandstand set in a sweeping open arcade facing two covered viewing decks topped with an open viewing area, all to take advantage of the change in level from the promenade to the seafront. The bandstand is of circular plan form which is truncated on the seaward side. The Bandstand and colonnades were first listed with Heritage England on 22 October 1998.

The first concerts were given on the 28th July 1935 with a total of 10,400 attending all three concerts and paying 3d each. The Bandstand was officially opened on the 5th August 1935 by the Lord Lieutenant of the county, Lord Leconfield with an audience of 8,000.

Titanic Connections

There is a commemorative plaque opposite the Bandstand in the main arena in memory of Eastbourne bandsman John Wesley Woodward, who was one of those playing on the Titanic when it sank on April 15, 1912.  MORE>>

TV and Film

In recent years the Bandstand has featured in numerous television programmes and films such as Foyle's War, Little Britain, Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging, BBC Antiques Roadshow, BBC Songs of Praise and was shown in the opening sequence of BBC South East News.

Programme and Entertainment

For many years the Bandstand has played host to a full programme of concerts and has survived as a musical entertainment venue because of its ever-changing programme, introducing new audiences and new entertainments without forgetting the more popular traditional concerts.

The Bandstand to this day plays an important part in the musical entertainment on the south coast offering around 140 - 150 concerts per year.

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